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I love finding new fruits and veggies to try, this time I found a yellow honey dew. I love honey dew, so I thought I’d check it out.

Doesn’t look like a honey dew…

Oh yeah, I see it now!

It was delicious, tasted just like a regular honey dew. I would eat it again.

What’s the weirdest fruit or veggie you’ve eaten lately?

11 Responses to “Yellow Honey Dew Melon?”

  • Dinetonite says:

    Your site is fast becoming one of my favourites – thanks so much for these great recipes.

  • DajM says:

    You’ve never seen a yellow honeydew because they don’t exist. That is called a Canary Melon. Delicious, similar to honeydew but not the same.

  • Mark says:

    nice melon. I also explore fruits at the mega mart.

  • Ang says:

    The yellow honeydew does exist and is becoming quite popular.

  • Annamandabella says:

    Actually, you’re both right! The Yellow Honeydew Melon IS the Canary Melon. Whatever you call it, the flavor is divine. It’s a bit richer and slightly tangier than a regular Honeydew, it’s very similar to the cantaloupe. Enjoy!!

    • Donna says:

      I’m eating a yellow honeydew right now, imported from Honduras. It tastes quite sweet and very much like a regular honeydew.
      I had a canary melon last year which had a different flavor and texture.
      Both melons were oval shaped with yellow skin.

  • Ali says:

    Any of you can help me to buy melon yellow honey seed?
    I am from Indonesia, I never find this melon in my place. I want try cultivate it, and you can see its growth in my facebook. Guarantee

    Thank u

  • Cathy says:

    Sometimes they sell lychees at our grocery store. They taste so good! I hope they bring them back this year…

  • just had a yellow honeydew. I don’t care for the green ones. Have always seemed tasteless to me. This yellow one is sweet and delicious.

    By the way, does anyone know what has happened to the Banana Squash you used to always be able to find especially this time of year going into fall. This is the right season for gourds and such and that one is my favorite. Let me know if anyone finds it any wear in the Clovis/Fresno area. Thank you. Barbara

  • Rolf says:

    Hi! Searching for varieties of melons, I found this discussion.
    I am diabetic, ant the only variety that I can’t freely eat is Honey Dew, because of It’s higher sugar content.

    Here in Argentina are a few varieties, so I felt free to paste a URL where You can see which one is which.

    It’s in spanish, but I am sure You can take some hints here and there.

    Thanks for your reading.

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