BBC Series On Low-Carb Dieting – Part 2

Here’s part two!

If you missed part 1 here it is.

1 thought on “BBC Series On Low-Carb Dieting – Part 2”

  • Thanks for posting this! I’m at minute 2 as I write this, but even at this point, in the 70s, there was scientific evidence to back it, but probably too convoluted to go into at this point in the show.

    The guy’s comment “He was working outside his specialty. He wasn’t a nutritionist” is so funny in light of the premise that the diet had to be deadly because it “should” cause heart disease (but doesn’t). Funny because he *was* a cardiologist! Most doctors don’t know much at all about nutrition, and merely parrot the same stuff the rest of us read in Parade magazine.

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