Fat Fast – Day 1

Fat Fast – Day 1

hostess_twinkieSo…I cracked during the Hostess delirium of 2012…

I need to shed the pounds gained in the hysteria, rid my body of toxins, give my digestive track a break (I’m allergic to this crap…and maybe addicted too), and get back on track…no more poisonous foods.

Two days ago I started the Atkins Fat Fast to try and do just that…get back on track. I’ve used this approach before and it seems to really help due to the strict rules of the fast, the simple menu, and structure. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that it also sends me into a fabulous deep ketosis that kills any and all cravings that may try and get me.

Fat Fast Menu – Monday November 26, 2012
As entered into FatSecret, click image to view full size.

Fat Fast Menu

As you can see, I was pretty serious on Monday…I really paid homage to Hostess last weekend. So I fasted on macadamia nuts and a little bit of bacon. I also drank lots and lots of water and tea, which I did not record. Trying to flush it all out of my system!

I ended up at 92% fat for the day and I guess it worked because I woke up to a 1lb loss on Tuesday morning.

I plan to continue the fat fast for a few more days, at least three and maybe five before I resume normal intake of semi-paleo fair.

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