Fat Fast – Day 2

Fat Fast – Day 2

AvocadoWhelp, I made it through the first day of my fat fast.

I did have to deal with a headache, probably due to the sugar, dairy, wheat trifecta detox. That’s what I get for diving head first into a pile of Zingers!

I slept fairly well and bounced out of bed with a spark of energy that is characteristic of ketosis…and then I added coffee, hmm which I guess I didn’t log.

Here’s what I ate on day 2 of the fat fast, again with lots of water and tea after of coffee of course!

Fat Fast Menu – Monday November 26, 2012
As entered into FatSecret, click image to view full size.


I ventured out of my macadamia nut and bacon box to enjoy some hard boiled eggs and avocado, delicious! This brought my protein up and my fat ratio down for the day as compared to my first day on the fat fast, but I still made it in at a very healthy Fat Fast Ratios82% fat for the day.

I guess it worked, because I woke up to a loss of 4lbs even on Wednesday morning!

I’m gonna keep plugging away and I’ll let you know how Wednesday turns out tomorrow.

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