KFC Double Down Fever!

KFC's Double Down Sandwich looks delicious in this photo supplied by KFC.

Man! Everyone on the planet is talking about this new sandwich. If you haven’t heard of it yet, and I find that hard to believe since it’s been reported on everywhere I turn, it’s the new creation from Kentucky Fried Chicken.

The sandwich consists of two fried or grilled chicken breasts sandwiching cheese, bacon, and sauce. No bread! This fits right in with your healthy low-carb lifestyle and the double down customer reviews are positive so far. However, the sandwich seems to be releasing in specific markets. If you’re in Canada you won’t see this sandwich on the menu, and it hasn’t gotten to places like Toronto just yet.

Some are outraged by such an offering deeming it ‘The Heart Attack Sandwich”, which makes me laugh. The nutritional information for this little sandwich is quite impressive coming in at 540 calories and 10 net carbs for the fried version and 460 calories and 3 net carbs for the grilled version. This is close to the same calorie count you’d find of most sandwiches on a fast food menu. Nothing has changed here people, there is just no bread on this one. Sounds great to me, now if KFC could just get in to buying free-range chickens instead of chickens with enormous breasts that have never seen the sun.

I’ll definitely be trying this sandwich on for size, so look for my review. In the mean time, here’s a live action review of the sandwich.

2 thoughts on “KFC Double Down Fever!”

  • My husband asked me last night: “have you seen that new sandwich at KFC?”…lol
    I still wouldn’t eat fast food cause i don’t know wth is even in some KFC chicken. Glad to see them thinking “outside the bun” though =)

  • Exactly, I’m with Shantel…when a egg at McDonald’s has 18 ingredients in it, it’s no longer an egg. I wouldn’t be above making the homemade version though 🙂

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