Low-Carb Cheese Cracker Tips

Some people were reporting problems with the cheese cracker recipe suggested for the Cheddar Witches Fingers. There were reports of the dough rising like bread and any detailing on the fingers was lost.

So I went back to the drawing board to see what the problem was and I suspect it was the two tablespoons of flax meal the recipe calls for. I needed something to cut the stickiness of the dough so you could shape it into fingers and the flax did that.

For some, it also makes the dough rise too much. So if you’re having issues try omitting the flax meal.

Here are photo’s of a batch I just did without the flax meal, let me know what you guys find out!

Low-carb cheese cracker recipe here!

Right out of the oven.
Score marks I made before baking.
Final 'Cheeze-It's'

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