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2013 was an ok year, I did great the first half of the year getting to a total loss of 50lbs, I had my food allergies in check, and was cutting down my thyroid meds with each doctor's visit.

Share on TumblrWhelp, I made it through the first day of my fat fast. I did have to deal with a headache, probably due to the sugar, dairy, wheat trifecta detox. That’s what I get for diving head first into a pile of Zingers! I slept fairly well and bounced   Read More ...

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Share on TumblrSo…I cracked during the Hostess delirium of 2012… I need to shed the pounds gained in the hysteria, rid my body of toxins, give my digestive track a break (I’m allergic to this crap…and maybe addicted too), and get back on track…no more poisonous foods. Two days ago   Read More ...

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Share on TumblrAre you stuck? Maybe bloated from a major cheat? Fall off the wagon during Thanksgiving? When I’m stuck, need to get back to basics, or need to detox after a face-plant off the wagon I turn to the Atkins Fat Fast. The Fat Fast is a carb and   Read More ...

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Share on TumblrI’m just about half way to goal! Since October 25, 2009 I have lost a total of 26lbs, almost 2 sizes in jeans, and my percent body fat has come down to 37.8% from 45%.  Now I seem to be stuck here, but at least I got here   Read More ...

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