Online Weightloss Journal Reviews

Online Weightloss Journal Reviews

All weightloss plans require you to log your food intake so you can see exactly what goes in and what needs cutting. Whether you’re tracking fat, calories, or carbohydrates, you need to know where to start and where to look when the scale isn’t moving in the right direction. There are a plethora of websites available for just this activity. So how do you figure out which one of the million online weightloss journals or food log sites is the best for you?

Well, I’ve tried a few, here are my thoughts.

Fat Secret

No bones about it, FatSecret is my favorite!

Not only can I enter all the food I’ve eaten in a day or plan for the next day, but there are forums, recipes, groups, a journal, and tons more great tools. You can even log in from your Blackberry, iPhone, or Android phone. Think of this as a FaceBook for people looking to lose weight. I hear it’s similar to SparkPeople, thought I’ve never checked this one out.

Fit Day

FitDay seems to be the most popular around the net. I couldn’t get into this one, the social piece of the puzzle is definitely missing. I need to read about others experiences to keep myself motivated. You can do this on a weight loss forum along side your online food log. But I thought it was cool to have it all in one place. FitDay also seems a little off on some of the counts, so if you do decide to use it make sure you double check and if in doubt go with the label on the food you’re logging.

The Daily Plate

I tried thedailyplate for just a little while. Not bad, the interface is clean and I like that FaceBook connect is integrated. This one was just a little too simple and boring for me. But it does have a journal, and a recipes section.

Calorie King

I’ve never used CalorieKing, but I see it mentioned on boards and forums quite often. This site seems to be more accurate in macronutrient counts then FitDay. There are mobile aps for this site and people really seem to like it.

My Food Diary

MyFoodDiary is another one that is built around community. I haven’t tried this one yet, but just looking at the home page I’m reminded of Shape magazine. The site is clean and seems to be user friendly. There is a forum and mobile aps to go with this site as well. If I ever tire of FatSecret I think I’ll give this one a whirl.

No matter which tool you use, there is definitely not a shortage and it’s extremely helpful to keep a food journal. It will help you stay on track and pin point issues if you start to stall in your weight loss.

Did I miss one? Share your tools in the comments!

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  1. Linda C says: Reply

    Spark People is my favourite. Tried FitDay a few times, but I hate it. Other people love it. Spark People to me is much more user friendly, and very adaptable to individual goals, very easy learning curve. It is also associated with a recipe site where you can find out the nutritional values of recipes that you write in, and then transfer that info to Spark People. You can also have your own online cookbook that you can share or keep to yourself. Try it!

  2. Joy says: Reply

    I like My Diet on facebook.You can put a food on it and it tells you how many cal.,carbs,and so on.

  3. lee says: Reply

    thanks for sharing this awesome blog. Nice post

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