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Share on Tumblr I send Mr. Rogue with a healthy homemade lunch every day of the week. He’s got a long haul to the office, an hour commute, and he needs to have food ready to keep his brain running optimally to concentrate. So every Sunday I prep his lunch   Read More ...

Share on TumblrMmm, prime rib. Rare. Juicy. Fatty. Delicious.  Not to mention expensive and there’s usually a ton of leftovers. You can totally eat it reheated as is with some steamed or roasted veggies. Some are even a bit offended if you use such a glorious cut of meat in   Read More ...

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Long-time members of the low-carb community know and love the Miracle Brownie recipe from from Laura Dolson. I've long loved this recipe as well, even modified this recipe to lay off the flax a bit and go easy on my tummy. Well, with my recent food allergy issues, I also had to find a way to modify the recipe to be dairy-free.

Share on TumblrFish is usually the easiest thing to defrost in a hurry at our house so we have salmon or flounder (wild caught of course!) at least once a week. Tonight was one of those nights, busy hanging out with friends and getting ready for the week so I   Read More ...

Share on Tumblr We love BBQ at our house and prior to my gluten allergy diagnosis we used to hang out at Famous Dave’s BBQ. I can’t eat there any longer as they use wheat in their sauces and every dish seems to be contaminated. I can’t even eat this   Read More ...

Share on TumblrI’m a huge fan of Giada De Laurentiis, she’s gorgeous and makes fantastic recipes that I can easily convert to fit my dietary needs. I have every cookbook she’s ever published and am mesmerized every time she shows up on the Food Network. A while back I found her Tuna and   Read More ...

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