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Share on Tumblr I love ranch dressing and this recipe is so good! Ingredients: 3 tbs Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing Mix ½ cup water ½ cup heavy cream 1 cup mayonnaise (I use Best Foods Real Mayonnaise) ¼ cup crumbled bacon Directions: Add ranch mix, cream, water, and mayo to   Read More ...

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Share on Tumblr While perusing the recipe blogs this weekend, I came across a really great looking recipe for gluten free pumpkin bread over at Serious Eats and I had to have a slice! So I set out to low-carb this recipe and it came out alright. Here’s my tweaked   Read More ...

Share on TumblrI love coconut, I use coconut everything, but I have yet to try fresh coconut. I’ve been curious about coconut water for a long time and I’ve read that it tastes great. Sooo…I tried it. Needless to say, I got the darn thing open after whacking it with   Read More ...

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Sugar free, grain free, low-carb masterpiece! Only 6-8 carbs per slice!

Share on TumblrHere’s a really cool looking treat that I found not too long ago, Sea Glass Jello. It’s a fun and funky treat that was really easy to make low-carb once I found Chleochatra’s recipe for low-carb sweetened condensed milk substitute. Ingredients 4 Small boxes (3 oz. each) of   Read More ...

Share on TumblrThis submission from Minnas at Low Carb Friends is just in time for those scorching summer days. They may look interesting, but she swears they’re awesome. The original recipe calls for sugar and Minnas subbed eurythritol as her sweetener of choice. If you can’t handle the sugar alcohols   Read More ...

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