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Share on TumblrAre you stuck? Maybe bloated from a major cheat? Fall off the wagon during Thanksgiving? When I’m stuck, need to get back to basics, or need to detox after a face-plant off the wagon I turn to the Atkins Fat Fast. The Fat Fast is a carb and   Read More ...

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Share on TumblrOnce you start buying chicken in bulk and doing bulk cooking, you’ll eventually wind up with some serious chicken leftovers. In an ideal world, you’ll even plan to! Leftovers are your friends: they save you time and effort, and they help keep the grocery bill down. Here’s how   Read More ...

Share on Tumblr Happy New Year! After all the festivities have calmed, the fireworks next door have failed to burn your house down, and you can finally see straight after too much champagne you notice there’s still some left over. So wasteful to throw it out…you could make a mimosa…but   Read More ...

Share on Tumblr What is the secret to a long and healthy life? It is in the food that we eat. As you well know, all foods are not created equal. Choosing and eating the right foods may help increase your life expectancy as well as the quality of your life.   Read More ...

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Share on TumblrWhen you start the Atkins diet, you are entering a new world of eating. And nowhere is that more apparent than at the supermarket. Suddenly, all of your stand-by foods like macaroni and cheese, pasta and bread are no longer on your shopping list. When you go shopping   Read More ...

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Share on TumblrEven though there is so much information available about weight loss, the same diet mistakes are being made over and over every day. I’m not not talking about little slipups where you stole a french fry off of hubbies plate, but big mistakes that lead to failure to   Read More ...

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