USDA Food Pyramid Gets A Facelift

Have you seen the new food pyramid? The all mighty dietary guideline put out by the USDA?

Here it is:

It’s quite colorful, and definitely looks up to date. It even comes with a rather long set of directions:

So the content hasn’t really changed much, at least not in the right direction. There are a few really great additions, like the addition of exercise. We definitely need to consume more of that as a nation! Added statements like go easy on juices, keep consumption of trans fats low, and choose foods low in added sugar are awesome!

However, this pyramid is still lopsided. Grains are the bulk of the diet, pun intended, and fats are shunned as per usual.

Here’s a picture of my food pyramid:

Doesn’t this just look healthier? It sure does to me and not just because it’s a bunch of pictures of real food. These types of foods equal health, vibrancy, boundless energy, good mental and emotional health, and longevity.

I just wonder if the government will ever admit they screwed up.

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